Customers of the Leasehold Guidance Service are generally individuals:

  • researching how to start the right to manage process;
  • waiting to extend their lease but unsure of the cost or procedure;
  • researching how to buy the freehold of their block.

The Ringley Group's Leasehold Guidance Service website gives information so customers feel confident to ask the right questions before they instruct a Chartered Surveyor or Solicitor.

Leasehold Guidance customers pick and choose what they need, when they need it. There are free downloads (we know when right to manage or buying the freehold you'll need to convince other leaseholders before proceeding) and there is no obligation to choose the 'Complete Service'.

When you're ready you can meet a Chartered Surveyor/Valuer to inspect the property, carry out a valuation and give advice on what premium you should state on the initial freehold purchase or lease extension claim notice.

Right to manage customers often talk to our Legal Team for advice on the process and Estates Team to understand our self management software and full management options.

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