Extend a Lease >>
- Extend your lease
- Claim extra 90 years
- Avoid a 2 year wait
- Cheaper if 80+ years left
Buy the Freehold >>
-Buy the freehold
-It takes 50% of owners
-Cheaper if more owners join in
-Future lease extensions = income
Right To Manage >>
-Right to Manage
-It takes 50% of owners
-Take over from the Freeholder
-Manage the block yourselves
-Appoint an Agent you choose
Absent Freeholder >>
-trouble tracing your Landlord?
-Short lease? Want the freehold?
-Court & Tribunal process explained
-expert advice, solutions delivered
Ringley Law >>
-RTM & RTE Company formation
-Enfranchisement shares & loans
-Participation agreements
-Conveyance & lease extensions
Client Accounts >>
-Service Charge accounts
-Company accounts
-Company & Trust tax returns
Manage a block >>
-RTM & Freehold Management
-Service Charge specialists
-Facilities Management
-Small Blocks Service
Valuations >>
-For statutory 90+ years
-For shorter extensions to sell
-Negotiations & premium splits
-Tribunal submissions
Enfranchisement Blog >>
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