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Lease_extension_frontpg Lease Extensions...
Extend your lease, short lease?, claim extra 90 years, selling?
– get your buyer to pay…. Sell the right to extend your lease,
avoid the 2 year rule, do it whilst you have more than 80 years left
Lease_extension_frontpg Freehold Purchase...
Buy the freehold, freehold enfranchisement, you’ll need 50% of the block interested, income from future lease extensions, its cheaper if those who’ve already extended join in
Right_to_manage_frontpg Right to Manage...
Take on the Freeholder’s role, manage the block yourselves, you’ll need 50% of the block interested, is self-management your blocks future?
Court_appointed_manager_frontpg Court Appointed Manager...
Freeholder absent?, block management dysfunctional, maintenance not happening, your flat being de-valued? Just 1 person can ask the Tribunal to Appoint a Manager.
Absentee_freeholder_frontpg Absentee Freeholder...
Don’t worry, you can still extend your lease, buy the freehold or claim your right to manage, even if you cant find the Freeholder
Case_studie1 Don't let telecoms masts over inflate the freehold purchase price
Instruction To help the leaseholders buy the freehold. It started with a challenging freeholder who’s known for being difficult, or perhaps ‘a strategically clever landlord’. The landlord was using the leverage of 4 Telecommunications masts and roof top to obstruct the deal in anyway possible. The Client was crying out for a pushy adviser who could rebuild the demoralised collective enfranchisement group. We took over with just 3 days to prepare for tribunal, else all £17.000 fees to others plus the freeholders costs was lost as well as a below market opportunity.
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